How to Design WeChat Articles (Part 1) – Introduction

We at have prepared a series of articles about designing the layout and content for the WeChat Article. Each article is focusing on one aspect of the process. First, we will talk about what Wechat and WeChat Articles are in general.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is much more than just a messenger. WeChat is a multi-purpose app with broad functionality. Without leaving the app, users can send messages, order a taxi, purchase items, stay healthy, read articles, and even access government services.

WeChat, also known as WeiXin in China, is the most popular app with a large user base (more than one billion active users per month) in the country. It is also popular in the Chinese speaking communities all around the world. WeChat is ranked one of the top 10 social networks in the world. Registered users can connect to the platform via their phones, using the Wechat App, or via WeChat Web on their PC or Mac.

The main purpose of WeChat is for people to communicate to each other. Even when doing business people prefer WeChat to email. Additionally, there is a social feature called “Moments”. Users upload images and videos, while their friends can comment or like the post. It is similar to Facebook and other foreign social media services, especially since they are blocked in China. This feature works well both for common users, as well as businesses.

WeChat is a popular and convenient social media platform; everything can be done all in one app. No third-party click-throughs or complicated user journeys; just one large captive audience and some super sleek, integrated tech.

What is a WeChat Article?

One of the useful features designed for businesses is the WeChat Article. It works as a broadcast for business to create content for their audience in the form of an article. The goal is to make sure people want to read and engage with it. The idea is similar to blogging or short news articles. However, a WeChat Article can be more entertaining and interactive.

How to design WeChat Article?

There are multiple ways to design WeChat Articles. The most basic one is to use default WeChat Article Editor:

WeChat Article Editor

Unfortunately, it has certain limitations and currently lacks of some features such as in-block vertical horizontal scrolling, advanced animation, etc.

But there are third-party editors that allow us enhance WeChat Article design.

WeChat 3rd party editors


In the next part we will dive deep in each of them and try to analyze their pros and cons.

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