E-commerce Team in China

E-commerce operations that will save money and drive profitable growth to your brand

Map of China

What we do for you

Extensive Market Research

Get a tailor-made, in-depth market study to uncover opportunities & insights before you make a decision

Operations Staffing

Including live chat, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all your customers' questions in real time

Design Optimization

From creative concepts to testing for maximum conversion rates

Media Buying

Daily testing of big amounts, keywords, target segments, and ad copy

Live Streaming

Regular in-house livestreams on every product in your store

Channel Management

Monitoring all online channels in accordance with you MAP policy

Influencer Enlistment

We filter and choose the right content creators for you

Weekly Check-in Calls

Regular office hours just for you – ask anything

Weekly Reports

Summaries of key metrics delivered to your inbox

Detailed Monthly Reports

Analysis on each month's key wins, challenges, opportunities and next steps

Retail Activation

Tap into our offline retail distribution network over 1600 retail stores in the region

Over 60+ brands supported to scale in China since 2008

Retail Partners

E-Commerce Platforms