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Are you frustrated by agencies who…

  • Urge you to spend more because that’s the only way brands grow in China?

  • Insist you should be more patient; it will get worse before it gets better?
  • Say an ROI of 1 on marketing spends is great?
  • Blame poor results on budgets and low brand recognition?
  • Don’t really listen because you are one of their smaller clients?
  • Take credit for success, but cast blame for failure on your brand?

At, we’ll run your online stores like it’s our own.

What we do for you

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Extensive Market Research

Get a tailor-made, in-depth market study to uncover opportunities & threats, before you make a decision.
Operation Staffing Illustration

Operations Staffing

Including live chat, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all your customers’ questions in real time
Design Optimization Illustration

Design Optimization

From creative concept to testing for maximum conversion rates.
Media Buying Illustration

Media Buying

Daily testing of bid amounts, keywords, target segments and ad copy.
Live Streaming Illustration

Live Streaming

Regular in-house livestreams on every product in your store.
Channel Management Illustration

Channel Management

Monitoring all online channels in accordance with your MAP policy.
Content Illustrator

Influencer Enlistment

We filter and choose the right content creators for you.
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Weekly Check-in Calls

Regular office hours just for you — ask us anything.
Weekly Reports Illustration

Weekly Reports

Summaries of key metrics delivered to your inbox.
Monthly Reports Illustration

Detailed Monthly Reports

Analysis on each month’s key wins, challenges, opportunities and next steps.
Retail Activation Illustration

Retail Activation

Tap into our offline retail distribution network, over 1600 retail stores in the region.

We know how it feels to wonder whether your business could be significantly improved by having a better team at the front lines.

We are a strategic sales partner to some of the world’s most innovative brands. Founded in 2008, our team has a proven track record of supporting innovative companies to scale, fast.
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    Over 60+ brands supported to scale in China since 2008

    How it Works

    step - 1: Ask for a plan illustration

    Step 1: Ask for a Plan

    Request a free market study to assess opportunities and uncover blind spots.
    Step 2: Activate Stores

    Step 2: Activate Stores

    Let us open your new flagship store(s) and/or take over your existing stores.
    Step 3: Grow Business

    Step 3: Grow Business

    Capture more profits per sale and have your online operations be a profit center, not a cost center.

    We drive profitable growth for consumer electronics brands

    At, we know you want to be a truly global brand and get your due share of the Chinese consumer market. In order to do that, you need to make wise investments that couple organic growth with highly leveraged paid traffic. The problem is that many agencies will argue that you need to make huge investments upfront and sustain them over a very long time to see results. Which makes you feel like you are rolling the dice on your brand.
    We believe that China works just like any other market, it’s not any more complex or mysterious. That you can still test , iterate, and scale up organically based on observing and learning from data in real time. We understand the importance of getting it right. That’s how we’ve helped over 60+ consumer electronics brands to scale in China since 2008.
    Metrics of Growth
    Presence in China

    Ready to build your e-commerce and retail presence in China?

    Here’s how it works. First, schedule a call with us so we can help you assess your brand’s baseline, including opportunities and risks. Second, have us open your new flagship store(s) or begin operating your existing stores. Finally, capture more profits on your e-commerce operations in China on the road to healthy and sustainable growth.
    Schedule a call with us today, so you can stop the bleeding and start growing profitably.

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